Readers Write: Finding a cure for cancer is up to all of us

Readers Write: Finding a cure for cancer is up to all of us

have just watched a program on ABC channel 7  TV called,” Stand up to Cancer, which was aired on many different channels as well.  

It was a fundraiser whose aim is to raise awareness and to hopefully finally achieve a cure for all those that are suffering from this most insidious disease that robs people of what they hold most dear and that is life. 

I myself had a aggressive form of prostrate cancer about a year ago. 

I had an aggressive surgical procedure and am now a survivor. 

Now on this program there were many cases like my own and others not so lucky. 

I had known a few people who have died from this disease, my father for one and my manager and good friend John Carey who died two years ago after a four-month battle. 

He was only 58 years old and had much to live for and do. 

I had known him for over 30 years and miss him dearly. 

My mother in the 60s was a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and would go door to door collecting donations, which would help those with cancer and go to funding a cure and better treatment for cancer patients. 

Remember also we can beat this disease if we would only get yearly check-ups. 

You see it is early detection that gives the many a better out come of a cure. 

Someone once told me that it is more profitable to treat cancer than to cure it. 

Well in my opinion it is time for a cure  More needs to be done so many more people can survive. 

There is a website according to the program and it is and it tells about ways to help. 

We need a cure now but like anything else it takes time and money and good people who are willing to donate and to volunteer. 

Let’s all get involved and beat this insidious disease that destroys lives and families now !

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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