Readers Write: For Suozzi, Rice and Haber

Readers Write: For Suozzi, Rice and Haber

This will be the last issue of The News Times newspapers before the local up to the federal elections are over.
For myself, I differentiate what I knew about and thought of the present candidates before they made their bid for public office and what has been said and fostered since that time. 
To be honest, I have nothing against Kathleen Rice’s record.
I have nothing to say about her opponent except that he has no experience in public office on which to be his judge. 
As for the other candidates,  I take into consideration which ones sling the most mud and that which is slung on their behalf.
I have commented before about the endorsements of special interests not being for the general public good.
I still intend to invest my votes for Tom Suozzi,  Kathleen Rice and Adam Haber. 
As always, it is the silent majority that determines the outcome. I hope they all make the right choices. 
Charles Samek 

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