Readers Write: G.N. Park District apologizes

Readers Write: G.N. Park District apologizes

On behalf of the Great Neck Park District, I would like to apologize to the Jewish community for holding our 100-Year Anniversary celebration on one of the most important and saddest dates of the Jewish calendar.
However, Aug. 14, 1916 is the exact date that the Great Neck Park District was founded and in that context, we planned a celebration, 100 years to the day.
Great Neck, being the diverse community that it is, we initially were very happy that the date fell out on a Sunday.
Under most circumstances, we are very cognizant of dates that are important to the various ethnic and religious groups.
We goofed on this one and for that we are truly sorry.
While our centennial celebration was on August 14, 2016, our bicentennial celebration won’t be around again for another 100 years.
Tisha B’av will be with us every year and I can assure the Jewish community that there will be no major events in the park district on that date in the future.
Daniel M. Nachmanoff
Commissioner, Great Neck Park District

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