Readers Write: Johnson trumps Trump

Readers Write: Johnson trumps Trump

By almost every standard Gary Johnson, is better than Donald Trump at things Donald Trump and his supporters claim to be a good at.

Change: Donald Trump has boasted about buying influence with his bribes. He even made $50,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation to get the Clintons to attend his wedding. 

He doesn’t pay taxes and none of his tax proposals would change this. Why should you trust him to change the system? 

Gary Johnson was honest and effective governor who has proposed real changes.

Business: Gary Johnson was a successful businessman, creating his state’s largest construction firm. 

Donald Trump, despite all the government subsidies he collects, keeps on going broke. 

Trump Airlines, Trump Casino and Trump University are broke and gone. Donald Trump managed the amazing feat of losing nearly a billion dollars in one year.

Experience: Gary Johnson was the two-term governor of New Mexico. 

Donald Trump played the role of a billionaire on two TV shows, produced by Mark Burnett. 

There is nothing in his background that indicates he would an effective President.

Republicans: Gary Johnson was twice elected as a Republican, only going to the Libertarian party when the Republicans would not let him debate. 

Donald Trump was a registered Democrat until recently. 

The Libertarians are now upholding the Free Enterprise values of the Republican Party better than the Republicans.

Corruption: Donald Trump has boasted about buying influence with his bribes. Why should you trust him to change the system? 

Gary Johnson was actually honest in office.

War: Gary Johnson opposed the invasion of Iraq before it happened. 

Donald Trump only opposed the invasion of Iraq a year after it happened. 

Donald Trump’s habit of insulting everyone he disagrees with could start a war.

Taxes: Donald Trump says he wants to cut taxes, but proposes spending increases. Gary Johnson actually cut taxes as governor. 

Donald Trump wants to raise taxes on imported goods, driving up the price of everything you buy.

Making America Great Again: While Donald Trump was going broke repeatedly and having extra-marital affairs, Gary Johnson was climbing the tallest mountains on every continent.

Integrity: Donald Trump is a notorious deadbeat. He said the he would renegotiate the U.S. debt. 

Gary Johnson supports the constitutional guarantee the U.S. will pay its debts.

Constitutional Rights: Donald Trump supports the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. 

Gary Johnson supports that and all the other rights such as Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Protection of Property, rights that Donald Trump has disparaged.

Roger Cooper 


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