Readers Write: Judge me by my actions in VGN vote

Readers Write: Judge me by my actions in VGN vote

I’m James Wu, candidate for mayor, the father of two amazing girls, in Baker and North Middle Schools.  We’ve lived here for 10 years. We moved here for a better suburban life, great schools and a harmonious and diverse community.

When I stood up against his irresponsible overdevelopment plans, I saw a mayor who wouldn’t listen, fought with taxpayers and wouldn’t consider alternatives.

This scheme was built on bad information and cost us nearly $110,000! Now we learn that instead of being dead, there’s a prospect of reviving it despite overwhelming opposition!  

The mayor has refused to debate me, despite a League of Women Voters invitation. He’s hiding his agenda and fails to answer taxpayer questions at Village Board meetings about public properties and plans for a new Village Hall. Why? 

His agenda is one of overdevelopment, destruction of our community, opposing our schools and library, opposing our volunteer firefighters and paramedics and attacking our quality of life.

My running mates, Julia Shields and Harold Citron, and I are campaigning for our whole community, where we’ll work together to solve problems. We’ll bring in experiential retail, diversify commerce, and restore the vitality of our downtown. 

We’ll listen to the needs of the community, not dictate them; work with our neighboring villages and the town, especially as it considers the massive expansion at Macy’s. We’ll cooperate with our colleagues, not battle them.  We’ll have open government, not secret agendas. We’ll respect our residents, men and women alike. Foremost, we’ll protect the suburban character of our village and quality of life.

Judge me for my actions. 

I volunteered to serve in wartime by joining the Marines and earning a National Defense Service Medal in 1991. I helped first responders after 9/11 and won an award from the NYPD. I founded a Girl Scout troop so my daughter could see role models of women in leadership in 2013 and became a member of the School District’s Financial Advisory Committee in 2017. 

 I also designed the first website of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors for Benjamin Meed and was commended by  Steven Spielberg.

 In 2009, I ran a failed campaign for New York City Council. Some accounting errors were made, which were infractions, not criminal matters. But the incumbents have smeared me for them,

By contrast, my opponent has failed to file all of the required filings for his campaigns – filing is mandatory! 

 I  earned a law degree from Hofstra Law School and specialize in commercial real estate brokerage in Manhattan. Previously, I managed the U.S. division of a multinational corporation. There are no blemishes on my record or character.

Rather than debate issues, the incumbents prefer to smear me and my running mates. Why do they promote further polarization, rather than try to create a better suburban community?

Vote for us on  Row B on Tuesday, June 18, between noon and 9 p.m. at E.M. Baker School. Vote the Wu-Shields-Citron ticket if you want a Village for All.

James Wu
Great Neck

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