Readers Write: N.Y. Times drops ball on box scores

Readers Write: N.Y. Times drops ball on box scores

don’t doubt that you read the letter from the Great Neck News Sept. 2 issue on page 16 about your eliminating the box scores of issues in certain areas including Great Neck.  

That writer like me also received no reply from you, which means that your readers of the New York Times have to get to you through other newspapers. 

Newsday publishes the total box score from MLB as you once did. 

They are not eliminating features like the bridge column either. 

They report the news and don’t novelize news articles like  you do very often, where you get to the point, not on the front page but on the continuing page. 

Their purpose is to retain readers — you seem held bent on losing them, and nothing you have done in recent months has made readers of the New York Times more eager to retain the print edition.

It is the features that attach readers to print editions. 

How can you think of eliminating box scores when both our New York teams, the Yankees and the Mets are still the pennant race. 

How can you eliminate the leader board in golf when the tournament is played right here bin the metropolitan area?  

The Yankees started a pitcher Bryan Mitchell last night.

Your article was thoughtful and timely, but such articles are a rarely nowadays. 

Or how could you not list the order of tennis matches for the day when the biggest grand slam tournament of the year is playing right here in New York.

Such lapses of judgment are inexcusable. 

If you care about your readers you will give them what they expect from New York Times and not what you can get away with eliminating.


Dr. H.L Wachen

Great Neck

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