Readers Write: Paper’s columnists, Dems out of touch

Readers Write: Paper’s columnists, Dems out of touch

was a bit tired when I read the Nov. 18 edition, so I went back and re-read it. 

It was so partisan — I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or get angry. 

I have come to respect the columns of Jerry Kremer, and as usual, he did not disappoint. 

“Election is over, time to move on,” is sage and correct — a wise man. 

That is what we do here in America. 

All the crybabies and sore losers need to go to their safe spaces, and have some milk and cookies, and enjoy their Play Dough.

As a retired United States Navy Officer, who has lived in 23 states, and been to 49 of the 50, missing North Dakota, I am always somewhere between amused and annoyed when the very liberal people of the North Shore of Nassau County think that they are wiser and more sage than the rest of the United States, and just can’t imagine why others don’t see the sagacity of their positions.  

This election has proven just that — that many people in the United States who are good citizens and love their country don’t agree with a lot of people around here, and for good reasons.

I have read the columns of Judy Epstein, and I find her amusing and refreshing most of the time, but not this time. 

I have traded shots recently with several women who wanted to see a woman in the White House, regardless of who she was or what she stood for. 

Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, and most people with any sense of right and wrong knew that. 

A sage lady I work with likened her candidacy to a “coronation.“ 

Fortunately, enough of us weren’t buying. 

Those pundits who attempt to blame it on “sexism” or “white-lash “ are stupefyingly clueless. 

This had nothing to do with racism or sexism. 

If Condoleeza Rice ran for President, I would have voted for her-because she would have been a good President. 

Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is like buying a car because you like the color, and ignoring everything else that you want in a car.

The time is not far off when we will have a woman President, but Hillary was totally unsuited and unsuitable. 

Rebuffed on her health care plan as First Lady — you can have two for the price of one — a nothing United States senator from New York, others would call her a carpet-bagger, and a less than successful Secretary of State. 

And her treatment of those around her when not on camera? Thanks, but no thanks.

I am not a huge Trump fan, though I voted for him. 

America is a center/slightly right country. Barack Obama took us way too far to the left.

There had to be a swing back to center. How far — we’ll have to wait and see, however Obama knows that his leftist “vision” for America, financed by George Soros, will be rolled back. 

To read the column by Michael D’Innocenzo, a retired History professor, discussing abandoning the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote, makes me want to tell him it’s time for him to retire.

As a history major myself, I was always taught to be very careful of revisionists, and revisionism, as truth is usually the first casualty. 

The Electoral College is a pillar of our republic. 

Otherwise, the people in New York and California and Chicago can vote and the rest of the nation doesn’t matter.

I’m sure his opinion would be different were the shoe on the other foot. 

Benjamin Franklin said it: “We‘ve given you a republic if you can keep it.”

Most Americans are desperately in need of a civics course, or in Prof D’Innocenzo‘s case — due for a refresher. 

The system of “checks and balances” worked as designed. 

The Republic will survive.


William C. Kempner

Lt. United States Navy Retired

Roslyn Heights

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