Readers Write: The elderly deserve our help, respect

Readers Write: The elderly deserve our help, respect

Another elderly person was mugged in the Bronx and this lady’s named is Bernice Starnes age 86 was sitting in a wheel chair. 

Fortunately members of the NYPD collected funds to help her out. 

Thank God for New York’s Finest who came to the aid of those in our communities that are in need the most.

There have been lately many elderly persons being mugged and that I find most distressing.

I am appalled over these nefarious acts of depravity. 

Our elderly have worked hard all their lives and should not be subjected to these acts of evil. 

Remember this and that is some of our elderly live on a limited income and need what little money they have to pay their rent and buy food  and medications. 

In my opinion don’t these evil doers have elderly mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and cousins struggling to make ends meet. 

Anyone who steals from our elderly ought to be a  shame of themselves and be prosecuted to the full extend of the law and no plead bargains. 

I myself am 67 years old and have bad knees and recovering from cancer and try to be aware of what is going on around me which many should do as well. 

I also hope that many who can and see a elderly person in trouble please call 911 and take a picture or give a description of mugger. 

For remember this person could be your mother or father who deserve respect and not be assaulted. 

Remember this also: Evil thrives when good people do nothing!

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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