Readers Write: Trump is opposing the destruction of the USA

Readers Write: Trump is opposing the destruction of the USA

Dr. Wayne Roth, in his letter to the Great Neck News, 8/5/16, points out that Donald Trump is warranted in his criticism of Muslims and Mexicans.
Mr. Trump’s criticism can be stated in a more succinct manner.
He is opposed to “illegal immigration” and “destruction of the U.S.A.”
When an opposition to a policy is presented in a personal matter it can be construed to be a bias, i.e. Muslims and Mexicans.
When it is presented as a policy matter it can be observed more objectively.
Illegal immigration covers several countries and cultures.
Immigration law requires any one entering this country to be properly documented and vetted.
If the President does not want to enforce this law he should work to have it repealed. In other words — of get off the pot! He wants it both ways. Who does he think he is?
With respect to Islamic terrorists, it is clear that they want to destroy the U.S.A., Israel and various other groups who disagree with their viewpoints.
What do we do, let them achieve their crime and then say “I told you so!”
Of course not, our Constitution provides for the “common defense.”
The responsibility of our President is to enforce this provision (the Executive Branch).
Again, enforce the laws or change them. I think he either has forgotten his responsibilities or wants to play games with them.
Playing games is for children; adults act like adults.
They fulfill their accepted responsibilities, which obviously President Obama has not done.
With respect to Mr. Trump’s lies, as depicted in Dr. Roth’s letter, Mr. Trump has never lied while serving as an elected or appointed public official.
Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has never stopped lying, under oath, while serving as a public official.
Morton Perlman
Great Neck

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