Readers Write: Trump’s record tops Clinton’s

Readers Write: Trump’s record tops Clinton’s

Your ignorant view of Trump is flawed.

Mr. Trump did not leave an ambassador and  four of his staff to die at Bengazi, Mr. Trump did not bleach bit 30,000 emails so God could not read them.

Mr. Trump did not sign North American Free Trade Agreement where millions of jobs left the USA, and unemployed millions, Mr. Trump did not lie to the FBI, the congressional investigation, Mr. Trump did not go into Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan spend trillions and the USA got nothing out of it.

Clinton is a disgusting, corrupt felon! 

You failed to mention all the scandals — lets get real here — you want millions of more illegal Syrian unvetted refugees?

Clinton will say anything do nothing, Clinton can’t run on her record its uncommon sense! 

If you want more of the same? 

1.3 percent GDP? 

It’s a joke this economy and make no mistake Obama/Clinton has widened the racial tensions with their anti-police bull.

How dare you not slam Clinton for her sins while slamming Trump.

What is your take on illegal citizens trying to register to vote in Virignia? And other states? 

I’ll bet your okay with cheating — all Clinton can do is bring up personal attacks like this Machado stuff has noting to do with the important issues facing this country

Make no mistake — a Clinton win is a gigantic loss for America.


John Citrangolo


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