Readers Write: Tune out the noise as election approaches

Readers Write: Tune out the noise as election approaches

I find quite troubling all the campaigning that is leading up to Election Day.

In my opinion all this campaigning on TV and in the press is nothing more than a tale of the good, the bad and the ugly.

From the presidential campaign to the federal, state and local level campaigns, they leave much to be desired with so much negative talk that is just ugly.

Many seem bent on knocking their opponents in a bad way, rather than sticking to the issues that concern all of us voters.

As an American voter, I would like to know from these candidates how they would improve the economy, solve homelessness, keep Social Security and Medicare solvent, make America safe and how they would deal with the rising cost of medical insurance premiums.

And the need to solve the other problems plaguing America, like race relations and how to give increase support for our police who put their lives on the line every day.

Also ways to help our veterans who are struggling to make a better life for themselves and their families after serving our nation and keeping us safe.

Let’s also not to forget global warming.

This is not the time for some politicians to spew hateful rhetoric laced with vague ideas on how to solve America’s problems.

It is time for some of these politicians to wake up and smell the coffee and try to serve the greater good of “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Furthermore, in closing, let’s remember there are those politicians that seek to serve the people and are honorable in their intentions and deserve to be elected.

So please vote but first do your homework because there are good candidates out there who wish to serve the greater good in our communities and in America.

Remember this too, and that is every vote does really count!


Frederick R. Bedell, Jr.


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