Town honors local Regeneron finalist and semifinalists at virtual ceremony

Town honors local Regeneron finalist and semifinalists at virtual ceremony

The Town of North Hempstead continued its tradition of honoring semifinalists and finalists from the Regeneron Science Talent Search, during a ceremony before the regular Town Board meeting at Town Hall on March 10. The Regeneron STS is the nation’s most prestigious science research competition for high school seniors and requires students to present original research to nationally recognized scientists.

Town Supervisor Jennifer DeSena and the Town Board honored 17 semifinalists and 1 finalist from six North Hempstead schools. Honorees came from Great Neck South High School, Great Neck North High School, Herricks High School, Manhasset High School, Roslyn High School, and Paul D. Schreiber High School.

Attendees included family members, administration, and school faculty who looked on as students were presented certificates of recognition and briefly explained their innovative projects.

Great Neck North High School
Olivia Yeroushalmi: Peripheral Vision Preferences: The Influence of Handedness and Eye Dominance on Peripheral Vision

Renee Zbizika: Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Using a Deep Neural Network: Assessing the Potential of Using Meteorological Data and Biomass Burning Event Data

Great Neck South High School
Karly Chan: A User-Friendly and Non-Invasive Voice Progress Tracker
Jeremy Kotlyar: Treatment of D.tigrina with Calcium Chloride as a Novel Method of Inhibiting an Epilepsy Pathology Associated with the Soxb1 Monogenic Driver Pathway

Isabel Wang: Coping During COVID-19: How Locus of Control Influences Coping Response in an Uncontrollable Situation

Herricks High School
Caitlin Chheda: The Impact of Sex and MDMA on Social Anxiety Evaluated by Subjective Responses

Aanya Goel: Inflammatory Markers Associated with Early Life Adversity in the Mostmortem Human Brain

Roshni Patel: The Connectivity between the Medial Dorsal Nucleus of the Thalamus and the Cingulo-Opercular Network is Related to Psychosis Symptom Severity in a Youth Community Sample

Manhasset High School
Rachel Lee: Implementation of Salvinia cucullate and Salvinia minima Fronds in an Oil Spill Simulation

Shivani Patel: Neuronal Death in Alzheimer’s Disease is Triggered by Extracellular CIRP through Calpain

Allison Zhang: Fabrication and Implementation of an Angled Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Patterned Surface for Fog-Harvesting Inspired by the Namib Desert Stenocara Beetles

Paul D. Schreiber High School
Jacqueline Atchley: The Relationship Between Levels of Extraversion, Restorative Niche Trait Congruency, and Positive Affect

Abraham Franchetti: Analyzing Political and Economic Variation in United States’ COVID-19 Response

Lexi Vesselinov: The Effects of Hypobaria Following Traumatic Brain Injury Plus Hemorrhagic Schock in Neuroinflammation and Behavior

Roslyn High School
Lindsay Fabricant: The Construction and Simulation of a Four-Finger Soft Robotic Gripper

Maya Groothuis: Climate Change Action: The Role of Environmental Efficacy Beliefs

Harshita Sehgal: Understanding the Evolutionary Development of Radio-Resistance in the Brassicae Family

Hailee Youn (Finalist): Why We Vote: How Positive Descriptive Norms and Holding a Minority Political Viewpoint Increase Citizens’ Intention and Responsibility to Vote

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