Using art to ‘make people feel beautiful’

Using art to ‘make people feel beautiful’

Donna Bruno said her love for art inspired her to go into plastic surgery and cosmetics, and after working as a nurse practitioner for 20 years, she has decided she’s ready to branch out and open her own business.

Bruno recently opened db rejuvenation, a facial and cosmetic treatment facility that specializes in fillers and injectables, specifically Botox. 

“It was a big move, and I had to do it at the perfect time,” Bruno said. “When I felt I could go out and make a difference, I was ready to fly. I felt secure about my decision, too.”

Bruno, a Port Washington resident, received her nursing degree from Saint Vincent’s Hospital School of Nursing in New York, and later received her Master of Science in Nursing at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Bruno said that her father, who was an artist who retouched photographs, inspired her to work in cosmetics and showed her that every single detail matters.

“I want everyone to feel beautiful when they leave my office,” Bruno said. “As we age, we feel strong inside. And then we look in the mirror, and we don’t  look as strong as we’re feeling. So my job is to replace what we have lost and make people feel and look strong again.”

When she was growing up, she said, her father would take her to museums and together they’d look at art and see what was beautiful. Her experiences growing up with an artist strongly affected the work she does on her patients, she said.

“I learned to see what was beautiful and natural, and that was my biggest concern,” Bruno said. “I always want people to look and feel natural, and for everyone to feel that way in their own individual, unique way.” 

After working for a clinic, Bruno began working for Dr. Gerald Acker, a plastic surgeon in Roslyn Heights, where she said she gained much experience working with patients. 

Bruno still works part time in Acker’s office, which is connected to her new office, but said she’s using her new business to learn more and help her patients. 

“After all these years of experience, I am happy to finally have my chance,” Bruno said. “This isn’t a fast process. It takes years to become good at this, and after operating on over 2,000 faces, I now qualify.”

Bruno works mainly with Botox and fillers, she said, softening lines on people’s faces and strengthening places that have lost volume using Allergan products.

“I don’t think a 50-year-old person should try to look like a 20-year-old,” she said. “I think a 50-year-old should try to look like an amazing 50-year-old. I want my patients to embrace who they are and be happy with it.”

Db rejuvenation is located at 1 Expressway Plaza, Suite 100 in Roslyn Heights. 

By Stephen Romano

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