Village agrees to delay BZA meeting for a month

Village agrees to delay BZA meeting for a month

The Manorhaven Board of Zoning Appeals has postponed its Sept. 13 hearing to discuss Dejana Industries’ request for a special use permit to build a salt shed and a variance to build a roof on it.

The village clerk, Sharon Natalie Abramski, confirmed the request  and said the new meeting date is Oct. 11, after Dejana Industries, which does construction and provides a variety of other services, sent a letter asking for a delay. 

The meeting was supposed to cover Dejana’s request for a special use permit to build and maintain a salt shed and a variance to build a roof on top of the structure.

In the letter, Jean-Marie Posner, the properties and facilities director for the company, said that the information requested by the board “will require more time than anticipated to assemble.”

“The reports and documents requested is extensive,” Posner said.  

She added that with the departure of the company’s vice president of operations, compiling the information would be tougher.

The board said during the Aug. 9 meeting that it wasn’t ready to vote on the salt shed, and requested information on various aspects of the salt shed and area.

The board’s president, Stephen Thomsen, declined to comment.

The board said it wanted information on whether the salt and sand pile would need to be moved during the structure’s construction. It also requested information on the size and weight of the trucks operating on the land and reports from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The board also said that it needed information on how the roof is going to be secured on the structure.

The special use permit requested would allow Dejana Industries to build a structure around an existing salt and sand pile at 12 Manorhaven Blvd. in Port Washington.

The variance requested would give the company permission to erect a roof that would be 28 feet and 7/16 inches high, which would exceed the village code height of 15 feet.

The proposed salt shed falls under the section of the Manorhaven village code that deals with E-1 districts. The code states that structures permitted under that section include buildings that are associated with arts and craft, nautical research, indoor sport use and other leisure activities.

Self-storage facilities are listed in the code, too, but the board must issue a special use permit. 

During the Aug. 9 meeting, both members of the board and residents who spoke during the public comment segment said that allowing a company to break the village code would set a precedent for future developments.

“This whole situation is very short on facts and very large on opinions,” Pat Valente, a Manorhaven resident said during the Aug. 9 meeting.

Attempts to reach Dejana Industries were unavailing.

By Stephen Romano

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