Williston Park print shop transformed into Scorsese film set

Williston Park print shop transformed into Scorsese film set
D and J Print Shop in Mineola was transformed into a 1950s grocery store for an upcoming Martin Scorsese film. (Photo courtesy of D and J Print Shop)

One of the oldest businesses in town took a walk down memory lane last week.

D and J Print Shop, of Williston Park, was transformed into a 1950s style grocery store for an upcoming Martin Scorsese movie, “The Irishman.”

The shop, which has been in town for 36 years, was chosen for it’s authentic 1950’s storefront, said Dominic Oreste, one of the owners of the store.

But locals may not have recognized the print shop during the filming. The movie crew created a new facade for the shop – making it into Len’s Dairy and Grocer for the time being.

“A lot of my customers thought we went out of business and they opened up a grocery store,” Oreste said.

The print shop stayed open during filming. Oreste said they used equipment in the back room.

Oreste said he and his partner did take time to enjoy the movie, though.

He said they even got to meet Scorsese and the cast, including Robert De Niro, Bo Dietl and Al Pacino.

His partner drew a picture of Pacino, which the actor signed, Oreste said.

“We can’t wait to see the movie,” Oreste said. “Our customers are teasing us saying we’re like two little boys when we tell the story.”

This might not be D and J Print Shop’s only 15 minutes of fame.

Oreste said the crew was telling other people from their studios about the retro storefront in case another movie is looking for a set.

Correction: a previous Blank Slate Media article said the scene was filmed outside of Gino’s Pizza. The scene was actually filmed at D and J Print Shop. A previous version of this article said the print shop was in Mineola, it as actually located in Williston Park. 

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