Church’s beloved thrift shop reopens in Williston Park

Church’s beloved thrift shop reopens in Williston Park
Bargains and Blessings Thrift shop is open for customers. (Photo by Sarah Ng)

The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection’s thrift shop, now named Bargains and Blessings Thrift Shop, has reopened after being closed for two years during the pandemic.

Parish administrator, Patricia “Patty” Hayes, stated that “it was tough getting started again” and that the shop “was missed” during COVID-19.

Hayes has been working at the store for about 15 years.

“iIt’s like a second home” to her,” she said. Bargains and Blessings has “a very nice atmosphere.”

The cozy shop is filled with clothing racks to browse, and smaller sections that are dedicated to jewelry, home décor, and children’s items.

Bargains and Blessings is open for customers on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as stated on the church’s website, along with the types of donations they accept and when they can take them.

The profits made from the thrift shop are used to support the community. Hayes said that donations are made to food pantries and to help the church. She discussed how “it’s a very small parish… it really helps to fund the upkeep of the church.”

Hayes said many customers find nostalgic pieces in the store and that “we have so much variety here…everybody usually goes home with something.”

Eileen Kelly, a regular at the thrift shop, can attest to the sense of family and unity in the community at Bargains and Blessings. “This is a fantastic place. The people that are here are wonderful.”

When asked about her purchasing experience, Kelly said “I always get good buys here. Always, and you know what, things are so reasonable here, so economical.”

Kelly said the shop is a “social center” for her. “I come in here to say hello to my friends, sometimes I find something I can’t go home without.” Even though she does not belong to this church, Kelly stated “that doesn’t mean a thing…these are my friends.”

In the words of a volunteer at the thrift shop, “it’s bargain city today, honey!”

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