From the desk of: W.P. needs you…to prepare for single-stream pick

From the desk of: W.P. needs you…to prepare for single-stream pick
Village of Williston Park Mayor Paul Ehrbar.

The village recently purchased a new recycling truck, whose goal is to pick up recycling materials. The truck had an approximate cost of $180,000.00.

However, the village cost was approximately $91,000 for a brand new truck.

The board agreed to a plan that included seeking partial funding through the NYSDEC.

The state, through this grant covered fifty percent of the cost for this truck. The remaining half of this cost came from village funds that are available as a result of a long-term capital plan established by the village board in 2010.

This plan was developed after restructuring and lowering our dumping fees. This plan has given the village savings that has allowed the village to upgrade and improve our overall equipment needs without impacting our budget and not requiring an increase in general taxes.

A number of years ago, another long-term plan was developed to improve refuse collection throughout the Village, in order to provide a better service to both our residents and commercial customers.

By restructuring the schedule, it allowed the village to use less men and utilize these employees to improve other services (road repairs, sidewalk repairs, tree work, etc.).

By doing so, residents have been able to put out “heavy items” on both regular pick up days, while picking up recyclables bi weekly.

In order to complete the plan, which took a while to establish with the company who processes our refuse, the village began picking up all recyclable weekly (single stream). This plan has improved refuse collection, making it less confusing and more convenient.

A month has passed since “single stream” has been introduced to the Village. While many residents have embraced the new schedule, not all are on board with the program.

Some residents have continued to put out the various recyclables every other week, while others put out recycles with the regular garbage pick up.

I ask all to comply with the improved service for two main reasons: one, it is more convenient and practical and, two, overall cost to the village should be reduced.

Dumping fees for regular refuse cost $64 per ton while recyclables $20.00 per ton. The more recyclables taken out of regular garbage and added to recyclables reduces the cost $40 per ton. Please recycle as it benefits all, for many reasons.

I’d like to thank all our resident who complied with the parking regulations during our recent Snow Emergency.

The village has approximately 2,400 homes. While I’m not aware of the total number of cars owned by residents, I would guess this number would be in excess of 5,000 cars.

Only 45 Snow Emergency tickets were issued, indicating tremendous compliance. Without cars parked on the streets, our staff was able to do an excellent job in conducting their plowing responsibilities.

I would again remind residents not to direct snow back into the streets while cleaning sidewalks and driveways. Keeping snow out of the streets makes for safer streets!


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