Strauss urges residents to shop local, move cars for snow plows

Strauss urges residents to shop local, move cars for snow plows
Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss reminded residents to shop locally and keep cars off the streets for plows during the holiday season at a board of trustees meeting last Wednesday. (Photo by Tom McCarthy)

Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss urged Mineola residents to shop locally during the holidays at a meeting last Wednesday.

After the Mineola Chamber of Commerce’s “Taste and Styles of Mineola” night that hosted local restaurants and businesses two weeks ago at Jericho Terrace, Strauss urged residents to keep their community alive by shopping locally. Strauss and Deputy Mayor Paul Pereira called the night a success.

“Folks, do what you can to shop locally. Please support our businesses. Help them be successful. You can find almost everything you need right here in Mineola,” Strauss said.

On upcoming snow, Strauss said that residents must move their cars if more than two inches of snow is forecast.

“Snow season is here and with that comes the issue of snow emergency notifications and the cleaning of our roads,” Strauss said. “You need to move your cars off the streets until the roads are clear. This will help us in our snow removal operations. We’ll be out issuing summonses to those who don’t move their vehicles.”

Strauss said that the summonses are not to raise revenue but to get the village’s roads clear. Strauss said the village’s plow crews have “raised the bar” for clearing the streets.

“Other communities don’t do it as good as our guys do it, so please let them do their jobs,” Strauss said.

The village’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony is Dec. 6 at 7 p.m., Strauss said. Pereira reminded residents to “book early” for the village’s “Operation Santa” where the Mineola Fire Department drives Santa Claus around to visit local children at their homes.

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