Wheatley board celebrates student drama, athletics

Wheatley board celebrates student drama, athletics
Students performed highlights from the play 'Agatha Rex' at the East Williston Board of Education meeting Monday night. (Screencap by Brandon Duffy)

Attendees at the East Williston School District Board of Education meeting were treated to highlights from The Wheatley School Drama Production of “Agatha Rex” Monday night. 

The production was directed by Harriet Spitzer-Picker, her first, and the two excerpts shown were a monologue by Dr. Creon, the principal of Thebes High where the play takes place, and a scene between Agatha and her sister, Irene, dealing with a conflict after her brother was treated unfairly by Creon.

Originally written by Lindsay Price, the play is a modern adaptation of Sophocles’ ancient Greek tragedy “Antigone,” said Karen Klapper, assistant principal and director of fine arts for The Wheatley School. 

Agatha is the play’s protagonist and student council president at Thebes High who fights for justice after her two brothers received different punishments for having ear piercings. 

The Wheatley School’s fall championship teams and notable athletes were also recognized for their work over the past season.

The varsity girls’ cross country team and varsity boys’ goalkeeper, Brian McCleary, each received certificates of appreciation. 

The girls experienced a youth movement, Director of Athletics Michael Scaturro said, during a 13-1 regular season. 

McCleary was awarded for earning the Goalkeeper of the Year award in his conference for the second consecutive year while allowing only 10 goals all regular season. He was recognized as an all-county performer as well for his efforts. 

Board President Mark Kamberg said celebrating students is one of the best parts of the job for the board and how impressed he and everyone on the board was Monday night.

“This is the best part for the board where we get to celebrate our students both theatrically and athletically,” Kamberg said. “I just want to say the amount of lines those children had to memorize for the show was incredible and we’re just always so impressed with our student-athletes. We celebrate not just the students but obviously the parents that support them, and all the staff that support the programs. So congratulations to everyone.”

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