Work on Fordham Street expected to be completed by mid-October

Work on Fordham Street expected to be completed by mid-October

Residents on Fordham Street in Williston Park can expect road work on the street to be completed by this fall.

Deputy Mayor Kevin Rynne read a letter Monday night sent to the Village’s engineer by Suffolk Pacing Corp., which was awarded a bid three years ago for the village’s road project. 

The remaining work for replacing concrete driveway aprons and curbs is expected to be completed by early next week, Rynne said. On Fordham Street between Temple and Broad Streets, the missing portions of new curbs and gutters will be put in place by the end of next week. 

Paving on Fordham Street is expected to be finished by the middle of October, Rynne said.

Residents from Fordham expressed concerns to board trustees over the street, which also had its water pipes replaced by National Grid earlier this year. 

Village trustees apologized over the status of Fordham Street, saying they are frustrated with the delays, too.

“If it could have gone wrong on Fordham, it has,” Trustee William Carr said. 

Carr said the Village bonded $5 million three years ago for the Village’s road project to repave roads that had a “D” or “F” rating based on a review by Village engineers. Because the project cost less than expected, Carr said that the Village decided to expand the road project to include streets with a “C” rating, which has led to delays aside from the work by National Grid. 

The block on Fordham between Temple and Broad has the most work left before it can be paved and will be worked on last, Public Works Superintendent Steven Shelley told the residents. 

In unrelated Village news, there will be no Ragamuffin Parade on Halloween night this year but instead a parade from village hall to Kelleher Field on Saturday, Oct. 28.

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