Only winners in Troop 1076’s Cupcake Wars competition

Only winners in Troop 1076’s Cupcake Wars competition
About 80 Girl Scouts of the North Side Elementary School competed for prizes in a cupcake design contest sponsored by Troop 1076. Photo credit: Maylan Studart.

By Maylan L. Studart

A group of 80 Girl Scouts buzzed like honeybees working on their cupcake designs in the Cupcake Wars competition hosted by Junior Troop 1076 at the North Side Elementary School cafeteria last Friday night.

All hailing from East Williston’s North Side school, kindergartners through fourth-graders got down, dirty and colorful to design their pre-baked cupcakes and cakes in three themes: monsters, gardens and beaches.

The kindergartners were judged in the monsters category, with googly eyes, sugar mustaches and sprinkles adorning the colorful frostings.

First- and second-graders competed for two top prizes in the garden category, with many using candy worms, sugar butterflies and jelly rainbow candies to adorn their cupcakes.

Third- and fourth-graders, the loudest and biggest group of the bunch, competed for two top prizes in the beach category, building waves with blue frosting and using Ice Breakers as floats for their jelly Flintstone-vitamin-looking surfers. Cocktail umbrellas hovered over candy beach chairs, while beige-colored sugar sprinkles adorned the sandy cupcake beaches.

Three special guest judges, including East Williston Mayor Bonnie Parente, decided who would take home the highest honors.

Troop Leaders Patti McCauley, Nicole Germin, Lisa Hayes, Allison Breth and Karol Gismondi herded the kittens to their seats and commanded the awards ceremony.

In addition to the top five winners, 11 Girl Scouts won prizes for honorable mentions of their unique designs, such as best use of cake shape, most metaphysical and Scary Monster Amazement, among others.

“The girls had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year,” said McCauley. From the sounds of it, the girls had a blast.

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