Dr. Susan Ruzenski, Chief Executive Officer, Helen Keller Services

Dr. Susan Ruzenski, Chief Executive Officer, Helen Keller Services

Dr. Susan Ruzenski is a visionary leader who has been at the helm of Helen Keller Services as Chief Executive Officer since February 2021, setting a new course for the organization’s 130-year legacy.

Her unwavering commitment to accessibility, empowerment, and inclusivity has made her a driving force in the field of special education and adult learning.

With a remarkable career spanning over four decades at HKS, Dr. Ruzenski has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s evolution. As Executive Director at the Helen Keller National Center from October 2014 to 2020, she led innovation, pioneering educational and vocational opportunities for DeafBlind and blind participants.

Prior to that, she served as the Director of Direct Services for an impressive 22 years, bringing her invaluable expertise to the forefront. Her dedication to accessibility was evident as she spearheaded initiatives to ensure that HKS services were inclusive and accommodating to all.

At the core of Dr. Ruzenski’s leadership is her ability to foster collaboration and drive change.

As CEO, she steers the HKS executive team with a forward-thinking approach, crafting long-term strategies that address both local and national needs.

Her unique talent lies in aligning priorities and nurturing partnerships with corporations and service organizations, working tirelessly to ensure HKS remains a service leader and sought after collaborator.

Her commitment to leadership development and mentoring has nurtured a new generation of advocates for accessibility, while her expertise in adult learning strategies has elevated HKS to new heights.

A lifelong learner herself, Dr. Ruzenski holds a B.A. degree in Special Education from Dowling College (1980), an M.A. degree in Deaf Education from New York University (1985), and a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University (2019).

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