Janice Pateres, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, NuHealth/Nassau University Medical Center. 

Janice Pateres, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, NuHealth/Nassau University Medical Center. 

Janice Pateres serves as executive vice president and chief nursing officer for NuHealth/Nassau University Medical Center.

In her role, Ms. Pateres is responsible for the oversight and leadership of Nursing Departments and staff at Nassau University Medical Center, the Nassau County Correctional Facility, Nassau County Department of Social Services, aspects of A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility and nursing staff at Harmony Health Centers.

Janice is responsible for formulating and implementing nursing strategies to support and improve quality patient outcomes as well as organizing, directing, and coordinating health services and ensuring best practices.

She is dedicated to improving patient care through cultivating knowledge, enhancing skills, streamlining competency assessment, and standardizing Policies and Procedures.  Additional responsibilities for other departments include Case Management, Social Work, Therapeutic Recreation and Hemodialysis.

Janice obtained her Associates Degree from SUNY Farmingdale. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degrees in both nursing and business administration from Adelphi University, where she was awarded the Dean’s award for Leadership.

She has maintained board certification in Medial Surgical Nursing through the American Nurses Credentialing Center for nearly 30 years.

With over 39 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse at NUMC, Janice began her nursing career as a staff nurse on the night shift.  S

he excelled in the role of charge nurse and was promoted to Nurse Manager on the evening shift, with a heavy emphasis on nursing education for staff on the off-shifts.  She thoroughly enjoyed teaching nursing staff and accepted a position in the Nursing Education Department as an Instructor.

She was promoted to assistant director and eventually director.  During her tenure in the education department she secured provider status for NUMC from the American Nurses Credentialing Center for continuing education, to ensure continued professional growth for nurses.

Janice, as a dedicated leader, was promoted to director of nursing for the Medical Surgical Services, which included nearly half the hospital’s in-patient census.  She worked with the surgical team in opening a geriatric trauma unit to meet the unique and aggressive nursing needs of this patient population, reducing incidences necessitating patients’ return to the Intensive Care Unit setting.

Janice’s ability to lead and “get things done” was recognized by the executive team and she forfeited retirement to accept the role of executive vice president and Chief Nursing Officer.

Shortly after accepting the position, COVID hit the U.S.  Janice and the NUMC team braced themselves and prepared their staff to care for the large volume of very ill patients that would descend upon all hospitals.

For the first time in decades, she was back in uniform working side by side with her nursing team. The ability and stamina of the nursing staff, working tirelessly alongside doctors was a sight to behold.

Providing care, comfort and support, and standing in for family when visitation was halted.  Leaving many lasting memories of a lifetime in nursing that will forever be remembered, both good and bad.

Above all else, the nursing staff at NuHealth are committed to the mission of providing the highest quality care to all patients, ensuring that the underprivileged and underserved receive the very best of care.

This was certainly demonstrated during the COVID pandemic, but it is the essence and purpose of NuHealth/NUMC and is demonstrated by the nursing staff every day.

Under Janice’s leadership in her many roles at NUMC, she has influenced nurses to constantly challenge and question.  To continually embrace the role of patient and family advocate to ensure decisions and plans for care are always in their best interest, and to facilitate the means to attain.




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