Renee Daniel Flagler, Award-Winning Writer and the Executive Director, Girls Inc. of Long Island,

Renee Daniel Flagler, Award-Winning Writer and the Executive Director, Girls Inc. of Long Island,

Renee Daniel Flagler is an award-winning writer and the Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Long Island, whose mission is to empower girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Over twenty-five years ago, Renee started her career in marketing. After developing a passion for writing and serving youth, she transitioned into the nonprofit sector, to work in youth development.

Renee lives by the mantra, ‘service is our human duty,’ and spends much of her time serving her community and advocating for equity for women and girls. She started a self-named scholarship program for students pursuing writing and social justice degrees. She has received numerous awards for being an outstanding business leader, writer, and community servant. Renee was recognized as one of Long Island Business News’s Top 50 Women in Business. She also received a Professional Business Women Award from The Long Island Herald.

Renee serves on the national board of Girls Inc. and was the founding board Chair for LEAP (Literacy Empowerment Action Project) Global, an organization with a mission to provide innovative literacy, youth empowerment programming, and high school scholarships to students in Ghana, Africa.

As a woman, particularly a black woman in business, Renee has pressed on to overcome challenges. She’s been passed over for promotions handed to younger, less qualified males. Renee has been rudely dismissed by leaders who didn’t expect me to be the person in charge. Her ideas were sometimes stolen, while other colleagues took credit for her accomplishments. Renee’s impressive background and experiences have been questioned, yet she’s always worked harder to prove herself and gain the respect of her peers.

Though these challenges were difficult to navigate, they have made Renee strong in her conviction to ensure that her voice is heard and to make space for other women and girls to be heard and fight for their right to occupy their authentic spaces.

Renee greatly respects women in leadership, knowing that their achievements come with a fight and for a price. They have earned their way through blood, sweat, tears, and a little skin off their backs. The journey of an accomplished woman often feels like a Pyrrhic Victory, yet we persevere.

Renee is a former fellow of the National Nonprofit Executive Leadership Academy and received a Certificate in Organizational and Community Leadership from the Center for Nonprofit Leadership with Adelphi University’s School of Social Work.

Renee is now a published author of over twenty books and has an MFA in Creative Writing from the College of New Rochelle. She also has a Master of Arts in Media Arts from New School University and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from St. John’s University.

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