EGC Group’s Chris Canadeo selected to participate in global marketing industry program

EGC Group’s Chris Canadeo selected to participate in global marketing industry program

The EGC Group, a full-service integrated marketing and digital agency, is happy to announce that Chris Canadeo, EGC Group’s director of analytics, has been selected to participate in Tribe Global’s Rising Stars program.

Tribe Global is a global network of independent communications agencies, aimed at identifying and developing the next generation of talent to drive the agency network’s growth. Canadeo is the only New York-based representative in the program.

The other U.S. based participants include Cameron Haggerty, Director of Revenue for Billups (based in Dallas, Texas), and Laken Wright, Design Director for Fiction Tribe  (based in Portland, Oregon).

Based in the Netherlands, Andrew Brunton is Managing Director EMEA for Billups which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

“It is an honor to be inducted into the Tribe Global Rising Stars Program,” said Canadeo. “I am excited to contribute my own ideas and perspectives and to work alongside other talented professionals to make a real impact on our industry.”

The Rising Stars program brings together a team of talented individuals from across the Tribe Global network, who will collaborate with the executive board to spearhead strategic and tactical priorities across marketing, education and training. They will also focus on the organization of the TribeOpen 2023 Conference in New York, a flagship event of the agency network. This international dream team will work together to drive innovation and growth across the network, while helping to shape the future of the marketing industry.

The rest of the team includes Maxim Bogaert, marketing and sales manager for Comma (based in Belgium); Lizzie Howitt, business director for LIGHTBLUE (based in Dubai United Arab Emirates); Helena Sarkis, media executive for Fusion5 (based in Dubai United Arab Emirates); and Sam Guess, partnerships director for LIGHTBLUE (based in Dubai United Arab Emirates).

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Rising Stars program, which is designed to identify and develop the next generation of talent within our network,” said David Balfour, co-founder of LIGHTBLUE and Board Member of Tribe Global. “We believe that by nurturing and empowering our rising stars, we can drive growth and innovation across our network and help to shape the future of the marketing industry.”

The program will run for an initial period of 24 months, during which time the Rising Stars team will work closely with the Executive Board to drive a range of strategic and tactical initiatives.

These will include the development of new marketing and business development strategies, the creation of new educational and training programs, and the implementation of new recruitment and retention initiatives.

“Tribe Global is committed to developing and nurturing the talent within our network, and the Rising Star program is a key part of that commitment,” added Balfour. “We look forward to working with our rising stars to drive innovation, growth, and success across our network in the years to come.” For more information about the Rising Stars program and Tribe Global, please visit


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