Prof. D’Innocenzo talks about democracy at Temple Emanuel

Prof. D’Innocenzo talks about democracy at Temple Emanuel
Rabbi Robert S. Widom, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and Commissioner Steve Reiter listened in rapt attention to Professor D’Innocenzo’s inspirational talk. (Photo courtesy of Temple Emanuel)

Professor of History Emeritus at Hofstra University and columnist for Blank Slate Media, Michael D’Innocenzo offered a lecture at Temple Emanuel’s Friday night service.

The talk, entitled, “Beyond Citizens’ Discontents: Finding Ways To Foster A Better American Democracy,” was meant to inspire citizens to educate themselves with regard to the issues and then get involved and vote.

Following the Q&A, many in the audience broke down into small groups, zeroed in on specific subject areas and continued the discussion.

Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli also stopped by to offer a greeting, noting pointedly that Mike D’Innocenzo had been his first history professor when he was a student at Hofstra.

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