Congressman Tom Suozzi visits the Roslyn Grist Mill

Congressman Tom Suozzi visits the Roslyn Grist Mill
Left to Right: Chris Cole, Nancy Rankin, Jennifer Lister, Congressman Suozzi and Craig Westergard

On Thursday, Oct. 3, Congressman Tom Suozzi toured the Roslyn Grist Mill with Roslyn Landmark Society President Howard Kroplick, Director Jennifer Lister, Village of Roslyn Trustee Craig Westergard and members of the Roslyn Grist Mill project team. Suozzi has been involved with the Roslyn Grist Mill since 2009, when he stated “this is one of the most extensive and comprehensive restoration efforts of an 18th-century mill ever undertaken in the U.S.”

The tour of the mill began with the vision for the restoration explained by construction manager Chris Cole of Cole Company and architect Nancy Rankin of John G. Waite Associates. They discussed the historic timber frame structure and how tidal waters and inclement weather have deteriorated the ancient timbers, and what’s required to remediate the issues.

Suozzi was impressed with the work to date and applauded the efforts to restore and preserve this historic treasure.

Following the tour, the congressman posted to Facebook, saying, “The Roslyn Grist Mill, built in the early 18th century, is one of the oldest buildings on Long Island. The historic landmark is being restored to serve the community as an educational center. Many thanks to the Roslyn Landmark Society for yesterday’s tour, update on the restoration progress, and your steadfast commitment to preserving our local history.”

Submitted by the Roslyn Landmark Society

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