East Hills installs first new bus shelter

East Hills installs first new bus shelter
Mayor Michael Koblenz, center, officiates at the ribbon cutting ceremonies for first ever bus shelter in East Hills. Adam Haber (holding a plaque given from the Village for the Haber’s generosity) and Reneé Haber who also donated the shelter are joined by Trustee Stacey Siegel and Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman located to Mayor’s Left. Superintendent of DPW John Salerno is shown to Reneé Haber’s right, together with the members of the Village’s DPW staff who installed the bus shelter.

Mayor Michael Koblenz expressed his gratitude to Adam and Reneé Haber for donating East Hills’ first bus shelter.

The new bus shelter is located at Harbor Hill Road and Short Street. The Village Department of Public Works installed the shelter, including cement flooring.

Adam Haber first conceived of the idea to install bus shelters one snowy day when people were waiting in line during inclement weather, for a bus to arrive.

Koblenz said “Adam and Reneé are very generous. They have shown, time and time again, that they consistently have the best interests of East Hills at heart.”

Adam Haber also expressed his thanks to the mayor: “I thank Mayor Koblenz for working with me to make our community a better place. I also appreciate the help of Trustee Stacey Siegel who helped me facilitate the project.”

Haber said we would gladly contribute another shelter on the corner of Glen Cove Road and Elm Drive if the County would give him the go-ahead.

Submitted by William C. Burton, East Hills

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