Roslyn teens AYLUS chapter bring smiles to Cerebral Palsy Nassau residential homes

Roslyn teens AYLUS chapter bring smiles to Cerebral Palsy Nassau residential homes
Adams Gate residents and Roslyn teens. (Courtesy of CP Nassau)

Our residential homes have had the absolute pleasure of meeting new friends on Saturdays
recently! Teen volunteers from AYLUS (The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States)
have been coming and doing lots of fun activities!

For Valentine’s Day, they made chocolate-dipped strawberries together! The staff and residents at Adams Gate had a great time and totally loved dipping the strawberries!

Residents were thrilled.

America said she was happy they came and asked if they could come again. Judy said she loves the volunteers and they were very, very nice. Alfred said he had a lot of fun and wished they would come back. Raja said they were very pleasant and that they were good for the guys and that he loved seeing the guys interact with the volunteers.

One of the staffers, Deborah commented: “This was a blessing to see the guys having so much fun, and everyone was participating.”

House manager, Lisa Reyes said the teens were so polite and attentive to the guys. Alfred, America, Diane, Judy and Nancy enjoyed them so much and are looking forward to interacting with them again.

In celebration of the Blueberry House, the recipe was sour cream blueberry cookies!

Residents helped mix the flour, sugar, and blueberries in the bowl and placed them on
the baking sheet, then watched as they baked. While waiting for the cookies, they played games and had fun! The cookies were delicious, and all agreed that the ones dipped in chocolate were the best!

CP Nassau says thanks to these great student volunteers! You are making a positive difference in people’s lives!

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