Spectrum Bakes to make granola bars for OurHarvest

Spectrum Bakes to make granola bars for OurHarvest

Spectrum Bakes, a social enterprise dedicated to providing jobs to young adults with autism, is now the exclusive granola bar vendor for OurHarvest, an online farmers market offering high-quality, fresh food to customers at fair prices while combating hunger.

“Spectrum is proud to partner with like-minded organizations that seek to support and provide opportunities to underserved populations,” said Spectrum Bakes CEO Patrick Bardsley. “We are pleased to join with OurHarvest, which works directly with small farmers and food artisans to deliver fresh, quality food to consumers while giving back to local food pantries in the communities they serve.”

Spectrum Bakes joins high-end suppliers located across the region to deliver fresh products to consumers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hamptons, Long Island, Queens, Connecticut, and Westchester.

“OurHarvest prides itself not only on carrying the most delicious, locally-produced food but also on working closely with and supporting the communities we serve,” said Mike Winik, co-founder and CEO of OurHarvest. “We are very honored to be working with Spectrum, which not only makes incredible granola bars but also works every day to employ and assist those with special needs in the community.  Working with amazing organizations like Spectrum is core to our mission at OurHarvest.” 

Two packs of ‘Sweet Cranberry,’ ‘Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed,’ and ‘Chocolate Chunk’ bars are available for $3.29, here.

New customers who use the coupon code, ‘SPECTRUM’ will receive 25 percent off first order plus free home delivery. Spectrum Bakes will receive 3 percent of all sales on every order, both the first and subsequent for every person who uses the code.

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