Supervisor Bosworth and the Town Board unanimously approve 2022-2026 capital plan

Supervisor Bosworth and the Town Board unanimously approve 2022-2026 capital plan

Supervisor Judi Bosworth and the Town Board unanimously approved the Town’s 2022-2026 five-year capital plan, which includes improvements to infrastructure, parks upgrades, and road repaving. The $116,829,854 plan will be funded with a combination of borrowing, grants, and existing cash.

“The upcoming five-year capital plan will continue to improve the Town’s infrastructure and facilities to ensure its useful life for future generations,” said Bosworth. “We carefully designed the capital plan to reduce the amount of outstanding debt and burden to taxpayers.”

Upcoming projects for 2022 will include:
• Continued design and construction at Fuschillo Park, including the replacement of the existing playground, installation of a spray pad, and the renovation of the quiet area
• The first phase of improvements at the Martin “Bunky” Reid pool facilities
• Infrastructure projects for Michael J. Tully Park
• In 2022, the Town plans on beginning the first phase of improvements at the Martin “Bunky” Reid pool facilities which include the replacement of the outdoor changing area, pool mechanical improvements and the expansion of the existing pool mechanical building
• Construction and engineering work for the exterior of the Clark House at Clark Botanic Gardens.
• Complete reconstruction and relocation of the playground at Ridders Pond Park.
• Building improvements to the Roslyn Community Center.
• Rehabilitation of the HVAC system at Clinton G. Martin Park.
• Improvements at Gerry Pond Park, highlighted by the replacement of the roof at the main house, rehabilitation of the water wheel, and the restoration of the Hicks Memorial Bridge.
• Enhanced pedestrian and traffic safety along the Plandome Road corridor.
• An engineering review and design study for Whitney Pond Park to make the park more enjoyable for residents. This will include a streambed restoration project to improve drainage and improvements to the ecosystem in the eastern portion of the Park.
• The Bayview Avenue Shoreline Stabilization project to help with erosion control measures.
• Improvements to the Stepping Stones Lighthouse, focusing on a new fixed pier, floating dock, and exterior improvements.
• Traffic safety and drainage improvements along the Plandome Road corridor.
• Continued engineering services for the 9/11 Memorial, focusing on a remembrance wall, permanent seating, education area, and overall site improvements.
• Efforts to address parking issues at Manhasset Valley Park.
• Projects to address drainage concerns created by recent extreme weather events.
• The first phase of work planned for North Hempstead Beach Park, containing items from the visioning process for the northern portion of the Park and the rehabilitation of the shoreline on the park’s north end.
• Construction for the walls and coping system at Manorhaven Beach Park’s Pool.
• Large-scale infrastructure and drainage improvements at our Solid Waste Management facilities and transfer station.
• The installation of a vehicle and truck wash bay at the Roslyn Highway Yard.
• Park improvements at Blumenfeld Family Park.
• Infrastructure improvements for North Hempstead’s Animal Shelter.
• Continued design improvements to Robert Dayton Park and its nearby shoreline.

Projects that were substantially completed in 2021 included:
• Significant upgrades to the playground at Caemmerer Park.
• Resurfacing and restriping of the parking lot at Clinton G. Martin Park.
• Upgrading of the electrical service and boiler system at Michael J. Tully Park.
• Dredging of the boat ramp at Manorhaven Beach Park.
• Port Washington Safe Routes to School sidewalk and roadway improvements.
• Mill Pond Park curbing and parallel parking installation.
• Seawall, pier and parking lot project at Harbor Hills Park.
• Completion of renovations to Gerry Pond Park in Roslyn with a focus on water quality enhancements and dredging, along with beautification of the park.
• Resurfacing of walkways in Whitney Pond Park.
• Installation of the 9/11 Memorial and walkway resurfacing at Manhasset Valley Park.
• Residential and industrial roadway resurfacing, including Papermill Road in Roslyn.
• Concrete roadway and sidewalk rehabilitation.

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