Fabric artist exhibit in Huntington

Fabric artist exhibit in Huntington
Nicolette Pach with one of her fabric artworks on display at BJ Spoke Gallery (Photo credit: Karen Kirshner)

BJ Spoke Gallery is currently hosting Nicolette Pach’s solo fabric multimedia exhibition, “Environmental Consequences,” which opens on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and runs through Wednesday, Nov. 29.

Pach is a rare and gifted artist whose successful career in law and the judicial system has not diminished her drive to also pursue her passion for art and craft. It is in her DNA. As the daughter of a sculptor mother and painter father, and grandniece of artists, she was drawn to the artistry of  quilt making, which led to batik, and then to multimedia fabric art. Pach’s mastery of design and a vast combination of natural and recycled plastic materials has resulted in beautiful showpiece wall hangings.

Pach’s studies with the women who were at the center of the arts, originally forged in the quilting and embroidery circles of American history, has come full circle into the advanced circles of multimedia fabric artists showing and selling their masterpieces in some of the best galleries in New York and worldwide.

As a longtime resident of Huntington Bay, Pach lives close to nature. Her lush garden, trees, rolling hills, rocks, ocean and beach have inspired her design motifs and inclusiveness in the creation process. Her works of fabric art capture the beauty and articulates her appreciation and respect for the Long Island environment she knows and loves.

The necessity to honor and pay tribute to Long Island’s natural heritage is her artful mission. It is such a rare spectacle, the walls of the BJ Spoke Gallery will be draped in her visionary display. The doors of the gallery will open to the public an unusual opportunity to engage this masterful artist, and learn about the creativity, skills, techniques and materials used in the process of constructing such a tangible and yet unusual and precious art form.

Works by Pach are available for purchase.

The public is welcome to attend a special reception at the gallery on Sunday, Nov. 5 from 4 to 7 p..m.  Pach will give a talk and there will be a Q&A starting at 5:30 p.m. Refreshments and live music will be provided.  The event is free of charge.

BJ Spoke Gallery is located at 299 Main St. in Huntington.

For more information about the museum and exhibit, go to www.bjspokegallery.com.

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