Friday’s adds plenty of fun to its menu

Friday’s adds plenty of fun to its menu


By Nitya Wanchoo

Northern Boulevard’s Fridays restaurant is hosting plenty of fun dining options. The friendly staff has upped their game for friends and family alike.

For starters, Fridays is mixing things up with seasonal drinks. Right now they have in-season spicy pineapple coolers and peach sangrias. In a few months, they’ll rotate to autumn-themed pumpkin spice lattes. And in winter, they hope to have Christmas-colored cotton candy cosmos.

As far as events, the restaurant has options to engage with its customers from Thursday to Sunday. Fridays is partnered with Tango Time Trivia company, which brings in DJs, trivia nights, and bingo sessions for those dining.

On Thursdays, Fridays does jeopardy-style trivia. Players get a board with categories and they answer questions of various difficulties to win points.

But the most fun happens on Fridays, fittingly, and Saturdays, when a DJ is brought in to play some good music. Staff member Evan says that “you can get up and dance if you want to, but the majority of people don’t.” The music gives everyone some nice tunes to jam out to while enjoying a good meal.

Matty Ice comes in every Sunday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. to play bingo with seated customers – he hands out the boards and announces the game style and numbers from his post by the bar. As for the competition, “When it gets going, it gets going — it’s a good time,” he says. Matty Ice adds that he’s “never not happy to be here,” which exemplifies the kind of atmosphere that Fridays has.

Even if there are only a few tables participating, Matty switches it up from time to time since he’s been doing this for three months now. Sometimes the people play straight-line bingo, sometimes they play for an X, and sometimes they even play full-board bingo. Occasionally, they even win discounts for prizes.

As for the future, Friday hopes to do some car-meets soon and the restaurant will continue to serve with a smile.

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