Ali Weiss Jewelry combines showroom, luxury ear piercing in Roslyn

Ali Weiss Jewelry combines showroom, luxury ear piercing in Roslyn
A customer gets pierced at Ali Weiss Jewelry in Roslyn. (Photo courtesy of Ali Weiss Jewelry)

When Ali Weiss first got her ears pierced as a young girl, her grandmother took her to the local jewelry store where they pierced her earlobe with a piercing gun and adorned her ears with little, fake diamond earrings.

But with piercings from a piercing gun, earring options are limited and leave many people waiting for when they can change their first pair to the earrings they want to wear.

Weiss’s new store in Roslyn eliminates this wait by piercing the customers’ ears and immediately putting in the jewelry they desire.

“So I feel like we’re a one-stop shop for jewelry and luxury ear piercing,” Weiss said.

Ali Weiss Jewelry combines the traditional jewelry showroom store with luxury ear piercings and styling consultations. At a newly opened store at 1085 Northern Blvd., people along the North Shore can now see her designs firsthand and get styled in them by professionals.

Ali Weiss Jewelry opened its second storefront in Roslyn. (Photo courtesy of Ali Weiss Jewelry)

This is what sets her apart from comparable businesses, Weiss said, as it combines jewelry services not commonly offered in a singular space with jewelry designs and services catering to high professional standards.

“I didn’t want to be just another jewelry store,” Weiss said. “There’s a million jewelry stores and to stand out is really difficult.”

Weiss’s ear piercing services do not utilize a piercing gun, which is common in many jewelry retail stores.

Piercing guns pierce an individual’s ear with a sharp earring. The machine is hand-held, with the operator positioning it on the individual’s ear, and a simple squeeze of the trigger pushes the earring into the ear.

With this method, earring options are limited. Weiss said this can leave customers unsatisfied with the jewelry they have to wear until their ears heal and the jewelry can be changed out.

“You don’t want to take your earrings out after the six to eight weeks after your healing,” Weiss said of the piercing services she offers. “You’re not rushing to take it out. It’s something that you love and you just want to keep it.”

The ear-piercing procedure is an entire experience, Weiss said.

The store employs professional piercers who understand safety protocols and sanitary standards as well as having the styling knowledge to give the customer exactly what is wanted.

“They’re real artists,” Weiss said.

Weiss has been in the jewelry business for 16 years but said her original goals never included opening up a retail store.

She said she was always drawn to jewelry, but it was not until she pivoted from a career as a speech pathologist that she turned it into her full-time job.

Weiss started out as a client of jewelry designer Helen Ficalora but quickly became a friend and began working alongside her.

This is how Weiss got her jewelry career started, learning jewelry designing and the business of it. In tandem with working with Helen Ficalora, Weiss also began designing her own jewelry.

Using Helen Ficalora’s clients as a starting point, Weiss started growing her own clientele. From there, Weiss said everything just grew as she did pop-up trunk shows and private appointments.

Weiss opened her first store in Armonk, N.Y., in September 2021. Just shy of two years later, her second store has opened in Roslyn.

The store’s jewelry is a mixture of Weiss’s personal designs and pieces she has curated, all 14K fine jewelry. She described the style as classic with an edge, but with diverse pieces for anyone.

Weiss said she loves the look of layering jewelry, whether it’s stacked bracelets, multiple necklaces or a collection of rings. She invites customers to bring in jewelry they already own to learn how to put pieces together, complemented by Weiss’s jewelry.

“It’s not just the designs of the jewelry but how we help you style it as well,” Weiss said.

So far, business in Roslyn has been great, Weiss said. She said the store has steadily been building its clientele.

“I wouldn’t have opened there if I didn’t feel it in my gut that we weren’t going to do well there,” Weiss said.

While customers can go into her Roslyn brick-and-mortar store to get styled, have their ears pierced and purchase jewelry, they can also scour her website to see her designs and purchase them online.

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