Beautiful Memories Gemach spreads loving kindness on a global scale

Beautiful Memories Gemach spreads loving kindness on a global scale
Floral Park resident and Beautiful Memories Gemach founder Mark Krieger. (Photo from the Island 360 archives)

Floral Park resident Mark Krieger’s altruism has grown from aiding Long Island’s Jewish community to providing clothing, supplies and acts of kindness on a global scale.

Beautiful Memories Gemach, located at Young Israel of New Hyde Park, has been in service for 11 years and offers formal clothing for those who are unable to afford retail prices. The Hebrew word “Gemach,” he said, is an acronym for “gemilut chasadim,” loosely translated to “acts of loving kindness.”

Krieger said the idea to establish Beautiful Memories Gemach came when he was  volunteering at a clothing pantry for the homeless in Hempstead. After starting Beautiful Memories Gemach with some small donations of dress clothes for men, women and children, he has become a charitable force to be reckoned with as the source of hundreds of gowns, suits, tuxedos and other formal wear.

While the gemach’s initial goal was targeted to aid the Jewish community of Long Island, Krieger has expanded his service to provide clothes to all communities in Long Island and beyond.

“This is the largest high-end clothing gemach in the United States,” Krieger said in an interview with Blank Slate Media. “We probably service, worldwide and locally, about 20,000 people.”

After more than a decade serving the community alongside his wife, Beth, Krieger said giving back to the community and preserving the memories of loved ones who have passed on is their motivation.

“We just want to help people,” Krieger said. “We’re not motivated by money.”

Serving the homeless community of New York and Long Island, he said, also includes providing them with specific clothing and personal hygiene products. The gemach, he said, also enables people to shop the clothing and pay “a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what the clothing’s true value is.”

Since the gemach is not a non-profit organization, he said, the profits made from sales go directly to the synagogue that houses the 2,500-square-foot operation. Krieger said the organization will be teaming up with Gold Coast Rotary Club during the global group’s annual service day on May 21.

The special event will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., he said.

While being flooded with high-end clothing, Krieger is looking for more volunteers to pitch in and help spread the acts of loving kindness. Having people volunteer their Sundays and Mondays to help set up and organize the clothes at the synagogue, he said, would be an incredible help. 

Those interested in volunteering, donating or participating in any capacity can visit or call Krieger directly at 917-703-4694.

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  1. Mark and Beth, we are so proud of your efforts and inspiration to others. In todays world, your kindness is a Blessing.
    Sandy and Jay

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Please send the entire family our love and also wish them a Zissen Pesach.

    Beth & Mark


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