Uncontested incumbents re-elected across six Great Neck villages

Uncontested incumbents re-elected across six Great Neck villages

It was business as usual across six of Great Neck’s nine villages on Tuesday, with a handful of voters re-electing incumbent trustees, mayors and justices in uncontested races.

The six villages — Saddle Rock, Great Neck Plaza, Great Neck Estates, Russell Gardens, Thomaston and Kensington – have a combined population of 15,337 people, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates for 2017.

Of these villages, Great Neck Estates is the only village with four-year terms. Every other elected village official serves a two-year term.

The Village of Saddle Rock, home to an estimated 728 residents, saw the highest turnout, with 122 people casting ballots. Mayor Dan Levy received 122 votes, while Trustee David Schwartz received 105 votes and Trustee Mark Collins got 106.

In the Village of Great Neck Plaza, home to around 7,000 people according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Trustee Gerry Schneiderman received 60 votes and Trustee Lawrence Katz got 63 votes. Village Justice Neil Finkston secured 69 votes.

Of these six villages, only Great Neck Plaza pays its trustees. Schneiderman and Katz receive $10,000 per year in compensation.

Great Neck Estates, home to an estimated 2,881 people, re-elected William Warner as mayor with 61 votes, Ira Ganzfried as trustee with 63 votes, Deputy Mayor Jeffrey Farkas as trustee with 60 votes and Harry Burstein as village justice with 60 votes. There was one write-in vote for mayor and trustee.

In Russell Gardens, population 878, David Miller was elected mayor with 74 votes, succeeding longtime mayor Steven Kirschner following his retirement. Trustees Martin Adickman and Jane Krakauer secured 78 and 75 votes, respectively.

Thomaston, home to roughly 2,735 people, re-elected Steven Weinberg as mayor with 25 votes, and Trustees Jill Monoson and Burton Weston with 25 and 26 votes each.

Voters in Kensington, home to 1,131 people, re-elected Trustees Darren Kaplan and Alina Hendler with 26 votes each.

The villages of Great Neck, Kings Point and Lake Success hold their elections in June.

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