Gounaris, Zanetti named president, VP as ed board provides updates on tennis courts

Gounaris, Zanetti named president, VP as ed board provides updates on tennis courts
Herricks Board of Education President Jim Gounaris, left, and Vice President Henry Zanetti. (Photos courtesy of The Island 360 archives)

The Herricks Board of Election swore in James Gounaris and Henry Zanetti as president and vice president, respectively, for a second straight year during their reorganization meeting Saturday.

Gounaris also provided updates on the Herricks High School tennis courts, which are currently locked. 

The two trustees also won their most recent re-election bid. Gounaris defeated challenger Bhajan Ratra while Zanetti was re-elected in an uncontested race during district elections in May. 

Gounaris said the tennis courts are in need of significant repairs and that they were locked in the winter to preserve them for the spring tennis season and they are currently locked because of construction set for the summer. The president added the courts would be reopened to its normal usage once the work is complete.

The courts are going to be fully rehabilitated, Gounaris said, with new foundations, resurfacing, paint and nets.  

“We pride ourselves on always having our facilities availably, it’s been that way since I’ve lived here and the board expects to move forward with that,” Gounaris said. “We understand it’s an inconvenience to many people who use those courts in the summertime but unfortunately we have no other window of opportunity to do this type of work.”

The tennis courts at Herricks Middle School are expected to undergo a minor repair soon and should be opened afterward, Gounaris said. 

Superintendent Tony Sinanis added when the courts are opened up the public is free to use them when classes are finished for the day or when there is not a tennis match. Sinanis requested residents that use the court to limit their time to one hour so everyone that wants to has an opportunity to play. 

Sinanis clarified the project’s timeline during public comment, saying the work is expected to begin July 10 and take approximately three weeks to complete, depending on weather and other possible delays.

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