Incumbents re-elected in North Hills

Incumbents re-elected in North Hills
The Village of North Hills hosted an election Tuesday in which only incumbents were running and all were re-elected. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, license:

In a race with only incumbents running, the Village of North Hills re-elected Mayor Marvin Natiss, Trustee and Deputy Mayor Dennis Sgambati, Trustee Gail Cohen and Village Justice Jerome Reisman on Tuesday.

Natiss received 156 votes, Sgambati received 148 votes, Cohen received 143 votes and Reisman received 146 votes.

The village had numerous write-in candidates, but none received votes in the double digits.

Natiss will be starting his sixth term on the board, wrapping up 20 years on the Board of Trustees. He previously served as the village justice for 10 years.

Natiss said serving on the board has been a satisfying experience that enables him to give back to his community. He said the residents and their input have inspired him to continue serving.

He said going forward he wants to ensure the village’s safety.

Sgambati, a Vietnam veteran, was initially appointed to fill a vacancy on the board and was re-elected for the sixth time after serving for 22 years. He has been deputy mayor since 2003.

Sgambati said that he has enjoyed the community service aspect of his position on the board. He said he has been passionate about securing park funds for the village.

He said he is looking forward to continuing the work he has done for the past 22 years.

“Whatever comes up, I’m available,” Sgambati said.

Cohen was re-elected for her fourth term. She took over the vacancy left by her late husband in 2011. She said that in her past work and going forward, she works to perpetuate her husband’s legacy.

During her tenure on the board, Cohen said, she has prioritized residents’ safety, offering effective shuttle services, refurbishing parks and implementing radar speed signs.

“Village government is the closest to our local residents,” Cohen said, “so we can help provide initial service to our residents which is most important.”

She said the whole board wants to help make the community better, and they work together in an effective and collaborative fashion. She said they are keen to hear residents’ input and opinions.

“The big thing is listening and then helping to provide good counsel,” Cohen said.

Reisman was appointed as the village justice in December 2018 to fill a vacancy and was elected for his current term in June 2019. This was his second election but will be his third term.

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