North Hills continues talks on design of new village signs

North Hills continues talks on design of new village signs
North Hills Village Hall. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Village of North Hills continued its discussion on plans for new village signs Wednesday night, but again came to no decision due to uncertainty over what the village wants the signs to look like and desired pricing.

The Board of Trustees discussed sign proposals at its August meeting, but pricing was higher than the village liked.

Superintendent of Buildings Peter Cinquemani said that the main cost-driving factor is that the gold paint or gold leaf has to be hand-applied. He said the village’s logo on the sign is very intricate, making it more labor and time-intensive.

The board discussed alternate sign options during the August meeting, such as aluminum-backed signs, but halted a decision to conduct more research.

Cinquemani Wednesday provided pictures of the metal sign options, in bronze and aluminum, but the board members overwhelmingly favored the traditional wood signs of the village.

“I think it’s a warmer feeling,” Deputy Mayor Dennis Sgambati said about the wood signs.  “To have it on a signpost in North Hills, that’s my feeling towards it.”

The board decided to pivot away from the metal signs, and Sgambati offered to help find additional sign companies to seek a lower price than what was proposed to the village.

The village also had scheduled a public hearing to consider a proposal of additions and renovations to the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists church, but pushed the hearing out further again after the applicant requested it be adjourned.

The public hearing was also adjourned last month and has not been held since July.

The church, located at 7 Shelter Rock Road, is proposing a series of changes to the building and site, including expanding the parking lot, the building’s setback, a new recording studio and other building expansions. The proposal is drawing pushback from the surrounding neighbors, whose attorneys have spoken at previous meetings expressing their concerns.

The public hearing is scheduled to continue at the next North Hills Board of Trustees meeting, which will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 18.

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