Plandome Manor trustees approve money for improvements

Plandome Manor trustees approve money for improvements

By Joseph D’Andrea

The Plandome Manor Board of Trustees unanimously approved all of the recommended motions on their agenda during their meeting on July 18.

Among those approved was the proposal for auditing services submitted by Cullen & Danowski, LLP for the Village and Village Justice Court audits for the period ended May 31, in the amount of $11,000.

The board also authorized the village’s entering into a contract with self-performing general contractor LandTek for the replacement of the guardrail on North Plandome Road, as well as the mayor’s inter-municipal agreement with Nassau County for the replacement of the guardrail.

Recommended motions regarding estimates that were approved include the installation of a trough drain near the LIRR platform to be connected to a PVC dry well, in the amount of $1,110, and repairs to the Plandome Road Triangle for $670.

Road sealing on Stonytown Road in the amount of $2,035 and replacement to the sprinklers on the Elm Sea Island for an estimated $1,585 were also approved, both to be done by Cow Bay Creative Landscaping.

The board also discussed possible improvements that could be made to the village’s blinking crosswalk sign on North Plandome Road.

“I did call some of the villages that have [the blinking signs] in the road and they said the maintenance on those are constant, especially in the winter,” said Mayor Barbara Donno. “The cost is high for maintenance.”

Speaking on some of the inefficiency that’s been seen with the existing signs, village counsel John Farrell said, “I think these people are passing through because they’re looking for people walking in the street, not necessarily looking at all of the street signs. If you have it in an area that’s a little more isolated, where there’s not as much foot traffic, it might stand out.”

Regarding the broken sprinkler lines on Elm Sea Island, the board discussed whether a repair or full replacement of the existing sprinklers would be preferable, to which building inspector Edward Butt said, “I think the extra $115 [more for a full replacement than a repair] is worth it.”

A public hearing was set for Sept. 19, which will partially focus on amendments to chapters 189 and 206 of the village code regarding a road moratorium and tree ordinance, respectively.

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