Hunold Pharmacy celebrates new gift shop at grand reopening

Hunold Pharmacy celebrates new gift shop at grand reopening
The brand-new gift shop at Hunold Pharmacy. The store, which is located at 94 Main Street in Port Washington, began a new era when on Thursday. (Photo by Steven Keehner)

Hunold Pharmacy, located at 94 Main St. in Port Washington, ushered in a new chapter with its gift shop opening Thursday morning.

The “Grand Re-Opening” included a ribbon-cutting ceremony as officials and residents watched on. Now, customers can buy gifts and other goodies with free gift wrapping as well.

Owner Neal Vohora said the opening of the gift shop filled a gap in the neighborhood. Additionally, it breathes new life into the business, which the family has owned for 25 years.

“Hunold Pharmacy has been here in town for I think over 120 years,” he said. “We’re a family business. My father is a pharmacist. My brother and I are physicians.”

Vohora referred to the pharmacy and gift shop as two sides of the same coin. He pointed out that residents can still turn to Hunold for their medicinal needs.

“There’s a lot of history to the store, but it also was starting to look a little tired, so we wanted to do something new,” he said. “We felt that there wasn’t this kind of stuff in town: the gifts, cards, toys. We want to be a local outlet for people to get those kinds of things.”

Councilwoman Mariann Dalimonte and Chamber of Commerce President Debbie Greco Cohen were among those present.

“They have reinvented,” said Dalimonte. “They still are a pharmacy, they’re still here to be here for the community. But they have also changed it, where they’re also a gift shop with beautiful gifts.”

The two women shared their delight over the newest addition to the neighborhood fixture. Cohen described the fresh addition as a “complete transformation” for the store.

“It’s so smart to offer gifts that are at affordable prices,” she said. “It doesn’t exist in Port Washington and it sets them apart from the other pharmacies.”

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