Manorhaven passes 6-month building moratorium on development

Manorhaven passes 6-month building moratorium on development

After receiving approval from Nassau County Planning Board, Manorhaven trustees unanimously voted on Wednesday to approve a six-month building moratorium on development of waterfront property. 

Village officials said the moratorium will delay development on the waterfront so an engineering company can produce a plan for the future of Manorhaven.

“The village board of trustees and other village officials need the time afforded by the moratorium in order to comprehensively address the question of how to properly modify the restrictions in place along the village’s waterfront without further development proceeding,” Village Attorney James Toner said. 

Citing the absence of an adequate village plan, village board officials passed the moratorium at an April 21 meeting, but later decided a correction needed to be made regarding the area of waterfront that would be included in the plan. 

Toner said the board wanted to make sure the paperwork was correct and accurate, and on May 25 to submitted the package to the Nassau County Planning Board for approval. 

Nassau County planning officials on June 16 allowed the Village to go ahead with the revised plan. 

Sean Sallie,  supervisor of the Department of Public Works Planning Division, said that it is up to the village to take the next steps to move the moratorium forward. 

“The village is free to decide on the matter as it chooses,” Sallie said, because the county Planning Board “did not have any objection.”

According to Toner, the six months do not begin until after Village Clerk Leslie Gross files the paperwork and sends it to the secretary of state. 

“Maybe in a week or so,” he said at the board meeting. 

“I will be filing with the secretary of state,” Gross said. “They will send back a letter saying that they received it and it’s on file and that’s when the clock will start.”

Gross said after she receives confirmation it will be posted on the village website. 

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