Roslyn Estates adopts budget with no tax hike, swears in officials

Roslyn Estates adopts budget with no tax hike, swears in officials
Mayor Paul Peters being sworn in for another term. (Photo by Cameryn Oakes)

The Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees adopted the village’s 2023-2024 budget of nearly $2 million with a 0% tax increase at their annual meeting Monday night.

The approved budget is $1,957,831, about an 11% decrease from the prior budget of $2,202,058.

The total taxes levied by the village amount to $1,276,792, and the village said the taxes are not increasing as they have not for the past four to five years.

“I thought we did a terrific job on the budget,” Mayor Paul Peters said during the meeting.

The village’s budget includes revenue of $6,916 of state aid per capita, a sum that it did not receive in the prior budget year, and $26,000 from state aid mortgage tax. The village also anticipates $3,476 in local sales tax revenue and $63,231 in Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery, the same sum it received in the last budget.

The 2022-2023 budget includes a state grant of $125,000, which the newly approved budget does not include.

The largest expense for the village in the upcoming fiscal year is for its “Fire Service – other Expenses” at $195,000. This is an increase from its current budget which, allocates $183,190 for the same expense.

The village also swore in the three re-elected officials from the March 21 election, including Peters, Trustee Susan Rubinstein and Trustee Brett Auerbach, and appointed other various village positions. Peters was re-elected after serving six years prior as the village’s mayor.

The board also had a discussion about the possibility of installing stop sign cameras in the village to deter drivers who do not abide by them. Peters said he is meeting with the company that provides the cameras to get more information as he is unsure of the legality of implementing them.

The cameras would snap photos of vehicles that do not stop at stop signs to deter a violation that the board said is an issue in the village.

Trustee Stephen Fox said that he was opposed to the idea, but was willing to listen further as more information is aggregated.

The board suggested other solutions to deter people who drive through stop signs, including increasing police presence in the village.

The board did not propose a resolution for stop sign cameras as it is still gathering information and deciding whether or not it is an initiative to go forward with.

The board will convene again at 7:30 on May 15 for the next trustees meeting.

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