Scaramucci Post deletes Holocaust tweet after backlash

Scaramucci Post deletes Holocaust tweet after backlash
(Photo courtesy of Anthony Scaramucci's Twitter)

Manhasset resident Anthony Scaramucci’s media company is under fire after a Twitter poll about the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust was posted and quickly deleted.

Scaramucci Post, a company recently formed by the Port Washington native, has been polling followers on a number of current event topics, such as how many support a first strike with nuclear weapons on North Korea. It posted a new poll Tuesday morning with the question “How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?”

Four multiple choice options were provided: less than one million, between one million and two million, between two million and three million, or more than five million.

Screenshot of Scaramucci Post poll before it was deleted

The poll, originally set to be open for a week, garnered 4,776 votes before it was removed. About 68 percent of people selected “more than 5 million,” the closest answer to the correct figure of approximately six million, and 21 percent chose “less than one million.”

Account manager Lance Laifer tweeted after the poll was removed that he did not clear the idea with Scaramucci, who was in London, before posting it.

“The intent of the poll was to highlight ignorance of the basic facts of the Holocaust,” Laifer tweeted. “I take full responsibility for it.”

People tweeted both for and against the poll, with some users agreeing with Laifer that it showed some are unaware that six million Jews died between 1933 and 1945, while others were concerned it gave Holocaust deniers a platform to voice opinions.

CNN reporter Jake Tapper tweeted Tuesday morning that a source close to Scaramucci said the former White House communications director was “furious” about the poll and “at least one person is getting fired.”

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