Editorial Gina Sillitti

Editorial Gina Sillitti

Gina Sillitti is a clear choice for re-election in the state Assembly’s 16th District.

Sillitti, who is running on the Democrat and Working Families lines, was first elected in 2021 after nearly two decades of public service that spanned various posts for Nassau County and the Town of North Hempstead.

Sillitti’s experience, knowledge of the district and command of the issues are reflected in a productive first term.

As she said in an interview with Blank Slate Media that she was “able to deliver” for her district in the form of state aid and infrastructure improvements.

Sillitti also voted for what she termed “common-sense” changes to bail laws, giving judges additional discretion for repeat offenders.

But unlike Republicans who blame bail reform for the spike in crime in New York since 2020 Sillitti points to the real culprits in the rise in crime, including gun laws, problems with mental health and drug addiction and the need to give law enforcement the tools to crack down on crime.

She also points to her support of “zero tolerance” for illegal guns and tougher laws surrounding the sale and possession of firearms as well as legislation targeting two major sources of crime in Nassau County — the theft of catalytic converters and cars.

A resident of Manorhaven, Sillitti helped lead a successful campaign to oppose MTA plans to reduce the number of express trains on the Port Washington branch of the LIRR – an important gain for commuters and the communities along the line.

Sillitti is opposed by Vibhuti Jha, a first-time candidate running on the Republican and Conservative Party lines.

Jha, who has an impressive resume with advanced degrees in international management and economics, began his business career after emigrating from India to work at American Express.

Now a specialist in business turnaround and a former banker, Jha said he would use his business and finance experience to fix what is wrong in Albany. We certainly believe his knowledge of finance would be an asset in these challenging times for the state.

But like other Republicans running for statewide office, Jha claims that bail reform has freed killers, drug dealers and gang members and that if elected, he will strive to reverse these laws.

Here the data contradicts Jha.

Jha also said that Long Islanders need tax relief, which he intends to provide by working to make the gas tax rollback permanent rather than an “election-time gimmick.” And he opposes congestion pricing.

We agree with the “election-time gimmick” comment but oppose rolling back the gas tax as unsound financially and a disincentive for New Yorkers to drive less – at a time when this country needs to do everything it can to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Jha does bring the kind of civil voice to political discussions so sorely needed at this time

But based on Sillitti’s experience, knowledge of the issues and first-term accomplishments we strongly endorse Gina Sillitti for a second terms

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