Kremer’s Corner: Joe and Rodney got no respect

Kremer’s Corner: Joe and Rodney got no respect

Most of you out there have never heard of Rodney Dangerfield. We old-timers know who he is as a well-known comic back in the 1980’s.

He told many jokes, but always started his comedy by stating “I get no respect.” Somehow I keep thinking about President Joe Biden as being in that same category.

While his detractors spend time talking about his age, Biden racks up success after success in multiple places and gets little or no recognition for his efforts.

The most current situation showing leadership is his strong support and help to Israel since the Oct. 7 massacre of innocent people. The president has engaged in aggressive diplomacy to make sure that the Israel-Hamas conflict does not erupt into a world war.

If you watch the reaction of Republican senators and House members, you would think that the president was out on some golf course paying no attention to this diplomatic challenge.

When asked if the president is doing a good job, each Republican Congress member starts to choke out words rather than bestow the slightest compliment on the president.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave an almost kind word, then coupled it with more criticism.

Candidate former Ambassador Nikki Haley has spent each day on the campaign trail attacking the president as her way of showing she has foreign policy experience.

Once upon a time when politics was a more civil business, politicians in the opposition party would give the president the benefit of the doubt and refrain from any criticism when a war was active anywhere on the globe, but those days are long gone.

Another situation where the president made great history was the bi-partisan passage of an infrastructure bill. Billions of dollars have been given out to local officials around the country for road and bridge reconstruction and hundreds of other public works projects.

Republican Congress members who voted against the bill, are showing up at public events taking credit for the actions of President Biden with no mention of his involvement.

If you recall the biggest joke during the Trump administration, it was his weekly statements that he would pass an infrastructure bill, and none was ever produced.

Another bill that has had a profound impact on people all over the country is the American Rescue Plan.

When we were emerging from the Covid health crises, public and private agencies were begging for financial relief. President Biden proposed his plan to stabilize the economy and bring back jobs.

Thousands of local governments were flooded with cash to improve health care delivery, child care, food assistance, small business stipends and many other programs to revitalize local economies. Almost all Republican elected officials grabbed the money, without a word of thanks to anyone in Washington.

The public has been clamoring for help from gun slaughters of innocent people.

President Biden was the force behind the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which provides incentives for states to pass red flag laws, expanded the law that prevents people convicted of domestic abuse from gun ownership, expanded background checks on young people between 18 and 21 who wish to buy a gun and allocated money for youth mental health programs. Many have taken the money and few have ever said thanks.

Most people have never heard about the Inflation Reduction Act. It was passed with the full backing of President Biden.

It made health insurance plans more affordable, helped lower the cost of many drugs such as insulin, and helped prevent millions of Americans from losing their Affordable Care Insurance coverage. Despite bitter opposition from the drug industry against Medicare negotiating to lower drugs, the president prevailed.

We are living at a time when we are inundated with political polling and its results do not look good for President Joe Biden.

When you are an incumbent, the public totally disregards the good things you have done because they have a current gripe. But it will either be the 2024 voters or the historians or both, who will decide whether Joe Biden gets any respect for historic deeds done.

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