Out Of Left Field: Wonderful Winthrop Langone Hospital

Out Of Left Field: Wonderful Winthrop Langone Hospital
Professor Michael D'Innocenzo will be guest speaker at Emanuel

I know hospitals. I could not possibly count the number I have been in (since my Last Rites at Nyack in 1951 – and tonsils and appendectomy before that).

How fortunate are we on Long Island to have the exceptional Winthrop Langone!

Most recently I spent several days in ICU before Hospice care was set up for me at home by my marvelous family (including an adjustable hospital bed, and support from therapists, social workers and visiting nurses).

From nurses to aides, staff and doctors, celebrations of the Winthrop staff cannot be too high.
Going back and forth in an ambulance showed the skill of the men and women who moved me with care.

At the hospital, I was concerned that I would misplace the nurse’s call button, and be unable to buzz for help. That did happen a few times, but I was able to call out to staff in hallways.

Throughout day and night staff members were close by for assistance and comfort.

During my last few days, Winthrop, like many hospitals, became increasingly crowded and I was moved out of iCU (more urgently needed for others). Luckily I was able to get a private room with a large sunset window (another comfort).

I wish I was able to note names of all the staff to thank them personally. They deserve more specific accolades than this general praise.

Staff and doctors spoke extensively with me, my spouse, and family who flew to Long Island to spend time with me.

Now, being in a Home Hospice arrangement provides added comfort with lots of family support.

I want to emphasize to all Long Island folks how deserving Winthrop Langone is of your support and recognition. We have in our midst a treasure for medical care.

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