Readers Write: Columnist ignores Trump’s many accomplishments

Readers Write: Columnist ignores Trump’s many accomplishments

 In response to Mr. Kremer’s article on presidential candidates, I would respectfully disagree.

Mrs. Clinton is a known liar who has enriched herself, the Clinton Foundation and her husband for years as Secretary of State.

Please educate yourself on the Uranium One Deal and the Russian collusion involved.

Not only was she corrupt, but James Comey found her grossly negligent which would have led to an indictment until he changed it to extremely careless.

If the Clintons were not exempt from equal justice under the law, it is likely she would have gone to jail for having an unsecured server and sending and receiving classified secrets.

You point to the daily turmoil in the White House and Trump’s lack of presidential bearing. You might also add his despicable behavior with a porn star and countless other personality characteristics and behavior patterns which have led half the country to despise and vilify him.

Perhaps you can be objective to what he has actually accomplished in the year and one half of his presidency:

Lowest unemployment rate in the last 20 years.

Stock market increase of thousands of points and an excellent economy.

Black and Hispanic unemployment at all time historical lows.

We treat Israel as a friend and not as an enemy and we are moving our consulate to Jerusalem.

We have virtually destroyed ISIS by allowing our field commanders decision making.

We have eliminated burdensome regulations which have spurred the economy.

We are standing up to the Iran deal which guarantees an Iranian nuke as they chant death to Israel and America. Obama did the deal by executive order since he knew he could not have it approved in Congress.

Bringing North Korea to the table, already committed to denuclearization of the peninsula.

I am amazed that your friend ran out of political gas with the tax cut that has resulted in thousands of dollars in tax cuts and bonuses for millions of workers. Are you ignorant of the facts above?

You call Trump’s appointments unqualified zealots.

Apparently, that simply means you disagree with their positions. Have you ever looked at John Bolton’s credentials? Hardly unqualified.

You were probably happy with the elegant, smart, and charismatic former president who drew a red line in Syria ( there are probably over 500,000 deaths and counting since Assad knew Obama would do nothing).

Our North Korea policy under Obama and Kerry was strategic patience, but they were not unqualified zealots. They are merely responsible for North Korea getting to the point of being able to have a deliverable nuclear weapon. But, they both had bearing.

Were you outraged when Bill Clinton was molesting numerous women and probably raping Juanita Broderick? I doubt it. Clinton also had presidential bearing.

I suggest it is time for you to support the various and actual accomplishments of this president regardless of how much you despise him.

The  swamp has been trying to pin Russian collusion on him for over a year when the Steele Dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the  DNC and used Russian operatives to concoct the unverified and salacious charges against Trump.

Pretty solid evidence of collusion! Trump may actually accomplish many more important things for America, despite his apparent character and behavior flaws.

Hillary Clinton would not have done anything I mentioned, in my humble opinion.

Barry Nathanson, Ph.D

Sands Point

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