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All Things Real Estate: Many market lessons learned on trip to Spain

Now that I am back from Spain, I can tell you the experience was nothing short of a mind-opening and mind-blowing experience. This was...

All Things Real Estate: Taking a look at the market in Spain

Being in Madrid, Spain, for the first time over the last few days has been an eye-opener to say the least. I am here...

All Things Real Estate: Co-ops vs. condos

As prices continue to escalate in the hottest market on record, interest rates have increased. A little explanation is necessary at this point to...

All Things Real Estate: Upgrades may boost sales price but not profit

On April 30, I had an appointment with a seller to provide them a CMA (comparative market analysis) or what some call today a...

All Things Real Estate: Don’t let higher interest rates spook you

It appears by the response of our stock market this morning on April 25 that from what I have read and hear a 1/4...

All Things Real Esate: Don’t be held hostage as a renter

Prices beyond your budget? Downsizing to a condo or co-op will be your best strategy. As prices have escalated since the start of the Covid-19...

All Things Real Estate: Words and emotions can kill the deal

I have noticed over the years when one is selling, investing, purchasing, renting or even leasing residential and/or commercial properties, human emotion has had...

All Things Real Estate: Landscaping adds value and pride to your home

Well, the winter is over and it’s time to spend more time outside and enjoy the weather and warmer temperatures that will be here very soon....

All Things Real Estate: Rising interest rates may change your selling plans

Will this be the year you’ll make a conscious decision to sell at the highest prices in our recorded housing history? Will you now...

All Things Real Estate: Higher cost of living affecting housing market

There are many senior citizens on Long Island who are living from month to month only on their Social Security check. Real inflation of...

All Things Real Estate: Two open houses produce quick sales

I recently experienced something quite unique, amazing and extremely lucrative. We had two open houses on back-to-back Sundays, one on Feb. 20 and another...

All Things Real Estate: Ukrainian conflict might affect housing market

The variable that no one is talking about is what impact if any the invasion of Ukraine will have on our housing market. We...