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Business & Real Estate: Making your home’s interior shine

Well, can I assume my readers have a greater understanding of what and how to begin to spruce up your exterior landscape of your...

Business & Real Estate: Creating curb appeal for your home

You’re now contemplating putting your home out on the market and am wondering what should you do to the property. Let’s start with the outside,...

Business & Real Estate: Fighting mold in your home, part III

There are a number of factors that can impact the cost of mold removal in any particular instance. The amount of mold and level of...

Readers Write: Real estate overrated as economic driver

I am having my share of March Madness and have only time for a few comments this week. I commented on Philip A. Raises article of...

Readers Write: Real estate writer veers off path

In the Blank Slate Media Newspapers, Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, under the heading Business & Real Estate is an article “Will Trump dilute Dodd-Frank...

Real Estate Watch: New disclosure law protects buyers

I had dinner with one of my real estate attorneys, Robert Kaplan, the other weekend, who suggested I write an article on the new...

Real Estate Watch: Preparing your home for a hurricane

Did summer really end last week?I hope not; I am really not ready to say goodbye to it.I just came back from Atlanta after...

Real Estate Watch: When you should buy and sell

I want to start off by saying that another 9/11 Tribute has passed at Ground Zero and I will personally never forget that day...

Real Estate Watch: Location, location, school district

When you are purchasing a home, homeowner association, condo or co-op or even considering a rental, some desire a renovated place, some just want...

Real Estate Watch: Pre-inspection is best investment

Your thinking or getting ready to consider selling your home.   There is a multitude of items to put on your checklist; but where do...

Real Estate Watch: Preparing your home for the fall

There is so much one can do on the outside of their home, but we will focus on the most important items to consider: 1....

Real Estate Watch: What makes Great Neck great

I have lived in Great Neck for way over a half a century and seen many, many changes, the majority positive and I have...